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Winter season 2018/2019

December 16, 2018 to Easter mondat April 17, 2019

The following booking conditions apply: Minimum lenght of stay: 3 night. Arrival and departure: daily
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What is the Tour de Donuts? Started in April of 1994, the TdD is an annual tradition of the UCSD Cycling team that acts as the road season-ender. For many years now this tradition has included the UCSD Triathlon team and support from Campus Bike & Skate, the bike shop on UCSD’s campus. UCSD students, Alumni, and outsiders are welcome.

An eating competition with several “stages” at donut shops. The final stage is a hill-climb time trial where riders are seeded based on how many donuts they consumed in the previous stages. The first to the top of the hill is crowned GLUTTONOUS CHAMPION and allowed to wear the winner’s jersey for an entire year. The current bearer of the jersey is Jonathan Deguzman.

Traditionally, the course is kept secret from the hungry eyes that yearn for the GLUTTONOUS CHAMPION jersey. But expect it to be somewhere around 30 miles at a comfortable pace with a number of stops. Also, expect an 8 to 12 minute hill-climb for the final contest for the Champion’s Jersey.

2015 Results

GLUTTONOUS CHAMPION – Marcel Aguiar [UCSD Triathlon] (12 Donuts)

2nd – Marcus Martinez [SDSU] (11 Donuts)

3rd – Ben Kurtz [UCSD Cycling] (7 Donuts)


2014 Results:

GLUTTONOUS CHAMPION – Jonathan Deguzman [SDSU] (10 Donuts)

2nd – Misha Skurikhin [UCSD] (10 Donuts)

3rd – Curtis Battle [SDSU] (10 Donuts)

4th – Marcel Aguiar [UCSD] (11 Donuts)

5th – Eric Geier [UCSD] (10 Donuts)

Most Donuts Consumed (Male): Ian MacNeill [UCSD] (18 Donuts, tied the record)

Most Donuts Consumed (Female): Rachel Marcuson [UCSD] (14 Donuts, new record)

Most Donuts Consumed (Tandem): Carl Yee and Joshua Yee (15 Donuts, new record)



Most Donuts Consumed (Male): 18 Donuts* – Ian MacNeill [UCSD] (2014)**

Most Donuts Consumed (Female): 14 Donuts – Rachel Marcuson [UCSD] (2014)**

Most Donuts Consumed (Tandem): 15 Donuts – Carl Yee and Joshua Yee (2014)**

Most Donuts Consumed By All Riders: 209 Donuts (2014)**

Largest Number of Average Donuts Consumed per Rider: 6.97 Donuts/Rider (2014)**

* Team lore has it that someone ate 20 donuts once, but these donuts were Krispy Kreme donuts. The UCSD Cycling Team has a strict policy against use of performance enhancing substances and cheating. Krispy Kreme donuts fall into both categories as they are half the size and calories of normal donuts and have been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

** 2014 was the first year where records were kept. It is possible that others have accomplished greater feats in the past but were too bashful to leave tales of their epic donut consumption.

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